How long does it take to transition to Landscape?

It's difficult to state how long a "changeover" will take due to the variations in each organization.  Generally, importing data you have in a spreadsheet takes very little time (a day or two, depending on the form of the data). But - the conversion process usually happens in multiple passes over time. It's usually very easy to establish the basic framework of your properties in Landscape from an initial set of data. It is then an issue of how to prioritize the importing/data entry for the rest of the data you'd like the software to have.


When transitioning a land trust to LANDSCAPE, I usually recommend an approach that looks something like this:

  1. Import the basic structure of your properties (Name, dates, acres, location, boundaries from shapefiles)
  2. Import people/contacts associated with properties
  3. Setup stewardship-related forms and data so the software can be used immediately for current easement monitoring/land management
  4. Train staff how to use the software for active and new acquisitions
  5. Prioritize historical data to be imported/entered and identify resources to implement that work


If you wait to start using the software until all the historical information is "complete" you might be missing out on the immediate value of using it for current projects and stewardship.


We are committed to getting you started and can assist your set-up for a one time flat fee of $600. Set-up includes:

  • Help with Data Import (Access, spreadsheets, shape files)
  • Consulting on Report Templates 
  • Webinar Trainings - your choice of topic

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