How do we capture data on assists or transfers?

Summary: These types of records are captured just like any other property record, but the property 'Status' field allows you to easily differentiate between your assists, transfers, and all other records. 'Partner Holding' is the special status for assists, while 'Disposed' is given to properties that are transferred out.

Capturing a conservation assist.

You may assist with the protection of a property, but the final interest is held by a partner organization. Still, you'd like to be able to report out on that acreage and capture details of the project. Records like this are easy to capture in Landscape - enter all of the information on the acquisition as normal within a property record, but change the status of the property record to 'Partner Holding'. 'Partner Holding' is a special property status for indicating that the interest is held by a partner and not you.

From the property record, choose 'Edit Details'. Find the 'Status' field and change it to 'Partner Holding'. The property can now be easily filtered out of your other transactions, but you can capture the same level of detail as if it was your own holding.

You can name the partner organization in 'Contacts' and capture other details of the transaction using the rest of the property record.

Capturing a property transfer or disposition

If you transfer your interest in a property to another organization through sale or any other means, use the 'Disposed' property status. Note that this is different from 'Partner Holding' in that you did actually own this property or property interest at one time, as opposed to simply assisting in its protection.

Changing the property to 'Disposed' will add a 'disposed on' field to the list of available fields in Property Details.  If you want to capture more information on the disposition, you can add a Disposition work item, which has its own set of details pertaining to the disposition, including who the grantee was, how much the agreement was for, what type of disposition it was, etc.: 

Depending on what your management responsibilities are after the disposition, you may need to also update the field 'Is Stewardship Site' to 'No'.

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